How To Help

We are looking for licensed radio amateurs and beginners who have a desire to join with other dedicated hams in the emergency services in the area. We are also here to help train anyone who may be interested in becoming licensed in the Amateur Radio Service.

You will notice we are called an "Amateur Radio Service” by the Federal Communications Commission and not just a radio hobby.  Our operating privileges come from the government, based on the service which we provide in times of local or national emergency.

We hope to train CERT members and others who may be interested, to use Amateur Radio along with their own GMRS, FRS, or county issued radios. Amateur Radio has much greater range than those services, as well as direct contact with the EOC as needed when activated.

There are many locations in New Kent and Charles City Counties where some cell phones just don’t work.  Amateur Radio can cover those locations through many repeaters (automatic relay stations) on high towers in and around the area as well as along many routes of normal travel in non-emergency times.

With the number of people moving into New Kent County, there is a source of already licensed “hams” with great experience and knowledge. No matter how young or old you are or the amount of time you have been licensed, you can be of help in our efforts.  Please contact the secretary at the address below


Meetings are scheduled quarterly, but usually are held monthly at Station One on North Courthouse Road near Providence Forge.

Dues are currently $10.00 per year, payable to New Kent 4 Amateur Radio, PO Box 53, Lightfoot, VA 23090-0053 for club membership. However, no dues are necessary to join RACES only.

Contact the club secretary, who is also the EC/RO for ARES RACES at 757-564-3247 or e-mail