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The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service in New Kent County , known as New Kent-RACES, is a function of the New Kent Office of Emergency Management, under the direction of the New Kent Fire Chief who is the Emergency Management Coordinator for the county.

NK-RACES has a county appointed RACES Radio Officer, who has a Deputy RACES Radio Officer, also appointed by the county. These designees maintain the readiness of the RACES program, volunteers, and the county owned RACES radio equipment which is located at the RACES Operating Center .

The RACES Operating Center (ROC) is in contact with the County Emergency Operating Center (EOC) during emergency operations, by way of a closed county computer and telephone system as well as Amateur Radio when needed. The ROC is also in contact with the VDEM EOC and other counties via Packet Radio, VHF, and HF Radio voice communication.  Local radio contact can also be maintained with county and private shelters when needed.

All RACES personnel must meet New Kent ’s requirements for volunteers in their selected field of service. They must also be licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with a Technician Class (or higher) grade of Amateur Radio License, and be registered with the ARRL-Virginia Section ARES-RACES organization* at (www.aresracesofva.org). They will report to the NK-RACES Radio Officer or his Deputy.

No dues or membership fees are required, but training in required subjects is essential and must be maintained in order to obtain and hold a New Kent County RACES ID card, which provides limited access to control/operating centers, shelters, computers, and facilities located in county buildings, including the RACES Operating Center .

The NK-RACES program is very closely associated with the *ARES-RACES of VA organization for coordination and mutual-aid assignment of volunteer operators and amateur equipment when needed in other jurisdictions. Operators commonly refer to themselves as ARES and/or RACES operators under the cooperative ARRL-VDEM Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which is available at the previously indicated web site above. 

For additional information contact George Ford, NK-RACES Radio Officer at 757-564-3247 or email at ,

New Kent 4 Amateur Radio, whose web site you are now reading, is the primary supporting and training organization for NK-RACES, in cooperation with the county. The “club” maintains the ROC station and has licensed it as “NK4AR” for “continuity of call sign” during emergency operations, club events, drills, and repeater/bulletin operations on 145.41 MHz and other frequencies. 

Club membership is not required to belong to RACES, but your membership and social affiliation is appreciated, as RACES updates are usually given as a report at NK4AR meetings, by the Radio Officer.

Specific information for New Kent and Charles City RACES is available via the link for RACES Members on our Site Page. 

Additional RACES general information is available at: http://www.qsl.net/races/what.html.